In this game, you must take down an empire of evil, corrupt space ships, and restore peace to the universe. To do this, you must take out as many ships as you can, as well as defeat the emperor, who is hiding out in an other dimension, in an arena, top down shooter-style game made entirely by 1 person.

Version 1.0.0 Update

Planned Features Added Features
Add Access To AI Trainer In Game
Add Achievement Category 4 - use the laser bullets
Add Achievement Don't like my textures? - apply a texture pack
Add Achievement FATALITY - Kill an enemy
Add Achievement Get A Life - Clear 20 Levels
Add Achievement Getting Somewhere (For Once) - Fly Forward
Add Achievement Getting The Hang Of It (shoot an enemy)
Add Achievement Grim reaper - click death an enemy
Add Achievement Max power - buy the boss ship in the store
Add Achievement Money Bags - Collect More Than 1000 Coins
Add Achievement Payday - Pick Up A Coin
Add Achievement Pew, Pew - buy the max bullet upgrade
Add Achievement RIP Frame Rate - cause the frame rate to drop below 15 fps
Add Achievement Rambo - Clear 5 levels
Add Achievement Stop playing with yourself! - join a LAN game
Add Achievement YOU FAILED! - Die
Add Background Planets, And Improve Background
Add Bonus Mission DLC
Add Command Line Arg To Enter Single Player Game (Asks For No Settings)
Add Command berzerk - activate berzerk bullets
Add Command clickdeath - activate click death
Add Command forceshield - activate force shield
Add Command fps - returns the current framerate
Add Command laser - activate laser bullets
Add Event When Ships Collide
Add Explosion Sound Effect On Player/Enemy Death
Add Feature Suggestion System
Add Internal Mod Browser (From Website) And Installer
Add Internal Texture Pack Manager
Add Internal mod browser/downloader/installer
Add LAN Multiplayer
Add Laser Gun (Mystery Box) - This Lasts 5s
Add Link To Website From Menu
Add Mode To Fight AI
Add More Voice Acting
Add Pause Menu (Resume, Exit, Settings, Statistics)
Add System To Send AI Data To Server
Add WASD Functionality To Menu Screens (Not Just Arrow Keys)
Add internal mod manager
Add longer lasting bullets in store
Change Background Music AGAIN!
Change Enemies To Heal On Soup Pickup
Change Enemies To Pick Up Mystery Boxes
Change Enemies To Upgrade On Coin Pickup
Change Enemy AI For Higher Difficulties
Change Loading Screen
Change Mods To Access The Form Engine
Change Mods To Run Their Own Pygame Loop, And Pause The Main Loop
Change Send Score On Game Exit Or Close
Change bullets to have a short ttl
Change game to run on a single loop
Change movement to be time based
Change nuke to travel faster
Fix Main Menu Song Restart Bug
Fix Texture Packs
Fix bullet fire angles
Optimized Each Module In The Game
Remove Ducks
Add Achievement Centripetal Force - get orbital bullets
Add Achievement In Debt - Get A Negative Amount Of Coins
Add Animations (Black Hole, Death, Etc)
Add Command orbital - activate orbital bullets
Add Explosion On Enemy Death (W Duck Quack Sound Effect)
Add Orbital Bullets (lasts 5s) Then Fly Off On Tangent
Added Command Kill - Kills the player
Change minion spawners to spawn 1-3 minions when shot by the player
Changed Achievements To Use The Name As The Key
Optimized Achievements Module

Official Trailer

Galaxy Wide Domination News

We Are Currently Developing A Program To Machine-Learn The Game!
But We Need Your Help. In A Coming Update, We Need You To Enable Machine Learning.
This Way, The Computer Will Watch How You Play, And Learn From You.
Once Enough Information Hs Been Gathered, We Will Run The Program Of The Bot Playing The Game,
And Stream It On Twitch! The Goal Is To Have This Running 24/7!


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